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   DBT-ACES Treatment Manual for Clinicians

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                                Please contact to order the manual. 

Featuring skills trainings guidelines for over 48 skills handouts and assignments, this clinician’s guide is the first published comprehensive manual for DBT-ACES and contains all of the background and principles to guide the treatment.


DBT-ACES was designed for clients with borderline personality disorder or other mood-related disorders who are unable to work due to their emotional or psychiatric symptoms.  This novel treatment offers a way to stretch across the divide for the client who successfully completed Standard DBT and hasn’t achieved their life worth living ambitions to work, go to school, or be self-sufficient.  


DBT-ACES is based on and similar to standard DBT but focuses on contingency management and exposure strategies with an expanded skills trainings curriculum geared towards increasing self-sufficiency, and finding success at employment-related goals. This manual features guidelines for DBT clinicians utilizing the DBT-ACES approach that was developed over a period of 20 years at the University of Washington and Harborview Mental Health and Addiction Services. In this manual, you will find useful and accessible content on DBT-ACES skills training, exposure-based strategies, and using contingencies to create capabilities for clients as they gain momentum towards their life worth living goals.

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